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AutoX Challenge July

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The RacingByrds AutoX Challenge presented by Falken Tire will take place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

What is it you ask… autocross with a twist! This 2-day event is designed to give you some great competition, lots of runs, and something a little different.

Saturday is pretty straight forward. “Run what you Brung” as long as it is Street legal with valid registration, Insurance, and 200 tread wear tires. With a limit of 64 total drivers and our run group format you will get a lot of runs. This is “Show me what you got Saturday” so you will need to be fast if you want to take home an award in the Compact, Modern, Classic, Sports Car, and our NEW Class The "F" Class.  "F" is for FUN, First Timers and Fairly new drivers in Fairly Stock cars. No race tires in this class, the smaller and harder the tire the more experience that will be allowed, we reserve the right to determine classification (we may add more classes based on registration). Plus, The TOP 8 drivers from Saturday, regardless of class, will start in the top bracket for the Round of 32 on Sunday.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is Fun Day! We will start the day with 2 full round of laps on the course running the opposite direction from Saturday to get familiar with the layout. Now the Fun begins with the Head-to-Head AutoX Challenge. The course will be turned into a giant loop with a line down the middle splitting the track in half.  With one car lined up on each side you will race to see who can complete their lap first and move on.  It’s one thing to put down a fast lap against the clock but what happens when we ramp up the pressure? Lined up across from another driver with an arm drop start: Jump the start, you’re out. Hit a cone or spin out, you’re out. Get beat to the line, you guessed it, you’re out. Not so easy to stay calm, cool, and collected.

We will use bracket style pairings for the AutoX Challenge.  Stand by for more updated structure for the bracket racing, everyone will get a chance and we will determine brackets based on the number of cars competing.